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  1. phomphoko 2013/02/01

    heish sorry nfe2 molao ao reetse ao setse o harassa di tourist aker wa itse gore after diamonds our economy is relying on tourisim so ota re tshosetsa bajanala mona 2 years wa prison ke 18 mnths be strong

  2. bots 2013/02/04

    A ba reeditse boora domkrag, a ba leke go tlhwafalela job creation coz ke yone e tsalang poverty.
    batho ba ba berekang especially politics like the say “banana ba itlhamele ditiro”. a ba tlogele ditiro tsa bone ba ye go tlhama ba tle ba re hire, motho a lese go nna are re palelwa ko go tlhama dikgwebo ene a le mo ofisisng a hirilwe a sa tlhama tiro a sutela ba ba sa berekeng….next thing its the slavery internship..re santse re tsile go utswa waitse.

  3. king julian 2013/02/04

    go to prison that is where u belong. u want to steal someones hard worked money just like that.i would have killed u if i was around, lucky you.

  4. Mose 2013/02/04

    Heelang! A motho yo are thupa e botoka! Nnyaa rra tsamaya bajanala batle ba reke ka tshosologo.

  5. koketso wa motswapong 2013/02/05

    ba ke baba sa utlwelweng botlhoko
    go rot in prison may b otlaata o latlhile

  6. nthu nthu 2013/02/05

    Prison only

  7. phokomogatsapodi 2013/02/06

    Poverty mfethu, can feel for you but that not the right decision. Use your vote wisely fa ele gore o tlaabo o dule da next year.

  8. bothosing 2013/02/08

    O le 19 fela o tlhola o utswa, may be u will learn a lesson fa o tswa prison.

  9. Mopanguree 2013/02/11

    Eish sorry mfe2, molao ke molao mfe2. U committe an offence and now u have to face consequences like a man. Go do ur time and hopefully u will learn that stealing is not the right way, u are still young mfe2.

  10. Letjitji 2013/02/12

    Bogodu naana bo tla go tsenya ka lebitla….o bake,ba betsa batho.

  11. Faniloh Desmond Magezi 2013/03/21

    dz is a vry harsh punishment for a first offender js bcoz, he is a threat to the tourism Industry or generally the economy of the country, I wonder if he was represented fairly…

    When he comes back i bet, he might re offend, dz is how the society helps in creating criminals….aaaag

  12. Josta ST. 2013/04/01

    Guys bare in mind that tourism is our back bono so if you start to harass the tourist like that, no that you are contributing a lot to pull our country back, nothing to do with lack of employments, why do you come to town while you know that everything in town needs money, few years to come those tourists they will deny to come and the economy of Botswana then will face serious poverty, no to me this guy need s4erious punishment straight, even if he have managed to escape, nothing that he can buy with that money rather than buying beer and drugs. I am guide myself so know how much does tourism contribute to our economy.

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