Old-guardTutume Police station commander ,Vusumusi Jorowe has warned businesses to desist from employing old people as night watchmen especially if they are assigned to guard alone.

Jorowe who sounded  the warning, after a 70-year-old security guard was attacked and robbed while on night duty recently said it was both unprofessional and dangerous for companies to use old people as security guards.

“It’s not wise to employ elderly people to guard property at night. May be it could be better when they work during the day or if it’s at night they should not be alone on site,” Jorowe advised.

He said the old man who was treated and discharged for injuries he sustained during the attack was robbed of his torch, bicycle, cellphone and P200 while on duty at Kabelo Hardware store in Tutume village.

Also in the same area of Madikwe, an 85-year -old man was found floating in a pit full of water.

The old man was reported missing early last week when he did not return from his usual drinking spree at the neighbouring shebeen.

“It seems the old man drowned in the pond which was filled with rain water from the recent rains which fell across the country,” the station commander said explaining that police did not suspect any foul play regarding the matter.

While police investigations continue, Jorowe warned residents to stop digging deep pits indiscriminately, especially in places next to residential areas and busy roads.

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