BUSINESS MINDED: Goememang (r) and his team

BUSINESS MINDED: Goememang (r) and his team

It was the agony of watching loved ones grapple with the pain of chronic diseases that urged a youthful Information Technology graduate to pursue business venture that would promote healthy lifestyles among Batswana.

“The whole idea of Premium Health was born when my girlfriend’s mother was diagnosed with cancer and when I was taking care of my two uncles who were terminally ill.

I felt that I needed to  change the world, so in 2008 I started to research what other players in the health awareness  market were offering and found  they were all offering the same thing,” said  29 year old Kgosi Goememang.

Being an IT specialist Kgosi took advantage of technology to research for the latest services and equipment that are available internationally in order to give his company a competitive edge.

“Using the latest equipment as Premium health we are able to offer tailored made health programmes.

With the staff compliment of young and qualified nurses and health professionals we also give health power talks to encourage our clients’ employees or audience to lead healthy lifestyles.

We also sell assimilation models such as skeletons breast models to be used for demonstration in hospitals, clinics or for any health education sessions.

This is what sets us apart from the rest and we like to think of ourselves in terms of international standards”, said the networking engineer.

Premium Health which now boosts of having several major companies and government ministries portfolio of clients, the Managing Director was quick to acknowledge that the road to the top has not been easy.

“I started off the business in partnership with a close friend of mine buying 40 per cent of the shares, while I took up the remaining 60 per cent stake.

I did not have any startup capital but my mother has always been my ‘Chuck Norris’ so to speak and has stood by my side through it all.

The first two years or so were tough it involved a lot of foot work, knocking on many doors in search for business.

At times I did not have taxi fare and I would walk to my next appointments. I recall there a time when I was so desperate for cash to honour a tender which would give me profit of close to P100 000!

The situation was so bad; all my money was in circulation at the time.  It was tough and I struggled here and there’, continued the young father of one.

After a few years of sweating it out Kgosi finally made a breakthrough.” Despite having many doors being shut in my face and some people not taking me seriously I never thought of quitting.

This was and is still my plan A, there was no other option. Now am reaping the fruits of my efforts. The key to Premium Health’s success is strong marketing; this where are roots are embedded.

We are always on the road meeting clients.  Also for Premium Health to be what it is today, I have had to sacrifice and forego the flashy cars and stick to my funky corolla, invest and develop the company from being a small company to at least a medium enterprise.” said the youth who hails from Macheng.

Instead of basking in his new found success, Premium Health managing director still wants to conquer new heights and open offices in neighboring South Africa and Namibia.

“south Africa has more opportunities and the people there take health and wellness more seriously. Locally checking for cervical cancer and clients will be able to get their results within minutes.

At such a development will enable people to seek treatment will the cancer is still in its early stages.

Also because people are not comfortable with going to clinics to be checked for sexually transmitted diseases we will very soon be able to check people for STIs during health and wellness days.

All these ideas we have sourced from our clients employees when we are conducting the wellness programmes. All we want is to give the people what they want”, said the managing director.

However Kgosi noted several challenges in country when it comes to health and wellness. He said the issue of health and wellness was not taken serious in the country.

“Companies have a wellness event once a year, but lack wellness programmes, in order for employees to lead healthy lifestyles. Government has covered HIV; it’s time now they concentrated on other chronic diseases such as cancer, diabetics.

A grant should be in place to deal with cancer programmes”, urged Kgosi, who employs nine full time employees and four part timers.

Despite all the odds Premium Health is set out to be best from its competition.

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