Government has introduced a Community Scorecard card (CSC) tool to promote quality, efficiency and accountability in different Ministries.

The new tool was introduced to the Maun village public on Wednesday and Thursday by a six member team comprising of Member of Parliament for Kweneng East, Moeng Pheto, MP for Maun East Frank Ramsden, MP for  Maun West Tawana Moremi, Kgalagadi South MP, Toto, MP for Ngami, Taolo Habano and Selibi- Phikwe West MP, Gilson Saleshando.

Speaking before the score card could be put to the test, Senior Assistant Clerk at Parliamentary Services, Mabunga Gadiboke explained it as a community based monitoring tool which is a hybrid of the techniques of social audit, community monitoring and citizen report cards.

“The CSC process is a means by which community members can assess the performance of public services and interact with service providers to express their concerns.”

“It is an instrument to exact social and public accountability and responsiveness from service providers with the ultimate goal being to influence the quality, efficiency and accountability with which services are provided,” Gadiboloke  explained.

He further noted the need for a strong publicity campaign to ensure maximum participation from the community, service providers and other stake holders as well as the need to establish systems at the local level to institutionalize and sustain community driven monitoring.

“Citizens at the community level are being empowered to have a voice by assessing the effectiveness of poverty reduction interventions and the delivery of pro-poor services.”

Gadiboloke said adding that a simillar tool bore results in countries like Zambia and Kenya  where it had been used to engage citizens in the assessment of public policies and services.

“If a Ministry scores low points, those responsible will have to account for that and we hope it will improve service delivery.”

The Mps who were in Maun assessed the Ministry of Agriculture while other MPs will be sent to Kanye to assess the Ministry of Health, Education and Skills Development in Letlhakeng and Local Government in Selibi-Phikwe at a date to be announced.

Gadiboloke said that they allocated different Ministries to each place as per recommendations of the Parliamentary Portfolio Committees which had a background of different places and their challenges.

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