FLOODSA Three-year-old boy, Tshotlego Kabana drowned in a pool of water at Gubukabakhwe cattle post near Nata last week amidst floods that left at least 15 people homeless.

The distraught mother of the drowned boy, Semoganeng Kabana said she left Tshotlego playing with other kids when she went to the nearest cattle post to ask for food.

“The road from the cattle post to the shops in Nata village was flooded so we could not buy groceries. We therefore decided to go and ask for food from the neighbours.

The trip to the nearest cattle post and back took about four hours but when I got back my son was missing,” said the grieving mother adding that she immediately reported the matter to the police and a search party was launched.

It was however only the following day that her son was found dead and floating  in a pool of water.

“This has devastated me. I had three children and now I am left with one. The other one passed away last year due to an illness.

I am not working so I didn’t have the means to bury my son. I am grateful to the council for providing me with a coffin.” Kabana said.

Meanwhile Nata Red Cross assistant secretary, Keneilwe Zwinila said that by Sunday they had donated 15 tents to people whose houses were swept away by the floods.

In the surrounding areas, 77 houses were destroyed in Zoroga, three in Maposa and 10 in Tsokotshaa, Zwinila noted.

‘The situation was very bad so we decided to give tents to 15 families who were left homeless by the floods.

The village social worker also donated food hampers to the victims. We advise parents to cover open pits so that children do not drown in pools of water.

There are only fours of us from the disaster committee so we are grateful for volunteers who  helped us pitch the tents.’ Zwinila added.

Detective Superintendent Livingstone Mado of NO 8 district said Nkadzikulo ward at Sepako village was so flooded by the river which passes through the village to the extent that police and BDF officers had to provide speed boat to transport villagers from the other side of the river to the clinic. Some students did not go to school, he disclosed.

“The situation has stabilized now but drivers using the Francistown Nata road should drive with caution as the floods have damaged part of the road.

Parents are also advised  to spend more time with their children and take care of them a lot more than usual during this dangerous time to prevent the little ones from falling victims to drowning by playing in water.

Tourists planning to visit Makgadikgadi Pans should also not schedule their tour during the rainy season to avoid getting stuck like those who got stuck in the bush the whole night recently because the roads were impassable.” Said Mado


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