CHILLIN’ OUT 01.02.2013


Atasaone or A.T.I is very good when it comes to rapping; he was so dominant on the music scene last year as he featured in almost all hip hop songs in the country.

The popular musician has however decided to explore other interests besides music.

In case you didn’t know A.T.I is now a politician, in fact Shaya has been told that he aspires to run for a BDP political office very soon.

But apparently the rapper has a lot to learn about politics.

Rumour has it that apart from not knowing any single political song of his new found party, the“Ke lekhette” hit maker does not even know which political party the President of the US Barack Obama belongs to.

He was heard at his  launch stating that declaring his political interest wont hurt his music fan base just as Jay Z’s career has not been hurt by supporting president Obama, a Republican at the expense of  the American opposition party which he said he didn’t know.

Maybe ATI needs to get the illuminati to illuminate him on political  matters before he embarrasses himself and the BDP any further.


Popular Botswana television newsreader Montsho Mgadla is allegedly on the verge of tying the knot  with his sweetheart in Gabane.

Shaya understands that the wedding was supposed to be as discreet as possible, apparently both partners do not like to be in the public eye and prefer to have their privacy; how nice.

Yours Truly respects other people’s privacy; true, but come on, this one I had to share, it is Mgadla here who is getting married , not any other Joe Bloke.




Commenting on a Facebook that blames him for inspiring gay people to come out of the closet Motswafere said: I read a post that gay guys go to my star because they saw me.

Everyone blames me.

Well what can I say. I’m proud of that, ebile ga go thona gore ebe ke itumela because they got inspired.

They have dreams and why would they fear to express themselves? They do not harm anyone.”

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