Voice Reporter Dubani-wa-Dubani on Monday whilst hitching for a ride at Naledi Motors, Francistown heard a conversation on how people steal from accidents scenes instead of helping the injured.

Fat Lady:Sometimes I feel ashamed to be a Motswana. If I did not love this country so much I would switch citizenship.

Girl in Cap: How can you be ashamed of such a beautiful country?

Fat Lady: Some of the things our people do are a shame and an embarrassment especially at road accident scenes.

Girl in Cap: What do you mean?

Fat Lady: My friend I got the shock of my life on Sunday as I watched people pick up stuff after a truck and a bakkie had hit each other on the Francistown road.

As the victims struggle people just got busy picking up stuff from the up turned CA Sales delivery truck without a care about the victims. It was like a scene from a horror film. And it was on  a Sunday, God’s day

Blue Overalls: My sister not all people are Christian.

Fat Lady: You do not have to be Christian to feel for others. You just have to be human. What kind of a human being does that kind of thing?

Blue Overalls: Sister our country is sick.Most of our people are more concerned about eating and making money than anything else. And when they get a chance to grab food or money they do it and do not care  how it affects others.

Fat Lady: Food and money is not everything. I wonder what kind of hearts such people have.

Blue Overalls: Eating and money making hearts I guess, hahaha!

Girl in cap: That needs to change otherwise we are doomed.

Blue Overalls: Sister I think those who pick scattered things are better than those who search accident victims as they scream for help. Some even search dead bodies sister. Money is the in thing. Humanity won’t feed you, will it?

Fat Lady: Would you also pick stuff and search victims by the roadside yourself

Blue Overalls: No but if I found things strewn on the ground I would pick them.

Girl in cap: That’s terrible.

Blue Overalls: No it’s not. You have to make hay while the sun shines. I cannot blame anybody for taking a chance that comes to them.

Fat Lady: With people like you my brother our country is doomed for sure.

Blue Overalls:  My sister people who pick things from road accidents and victims are no worse than  politicians or pastors that  you trust so much.

Fat Lady: Politicians and priests have nothing to do with this

Blue Overalls: They have, especially the politicians who make empty promises about prosperity. Our people are so desperate for survival that they take any chance that comes their way. stealing, cheating, whatever just learn to live with it.

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