MAN AT WORK: Mokalake

MAN AT WORK: Mokalake

A Tlokweng woman was beaming uncontrollably early this week as she helped break ground at the site of her new home to be built by a revamped SHHA project.

Thuto Monageng, 44, will become the first of 142 beneficiaries  to turn the key in April when her house built under Botswana Housing Corporation’s SHHA Turnkey  Development Project will be completed.

The first and second batches of the project are expected tohave  been rolled out in two months “I have long dreamt of owning a house and moving out of my parents’ yard,” Monageng said to The Voice and added;  “I thank God! I feel like a real woman now. You know what they say; there is no place like Home.”

Under the new arrangement which came about as a Presidential Directive in July 2010, the Single Housing Authoruty(SiHA) was established and all housing implementation programmes were tranfered to BHC.

The project  which Reginald Motswaiso, BHC chief  said was supposed to kick start at the begining of the year but was delayed because of consultation with stakeholders, would be rolled out to other areas including Ramotswa and the North East within the next two months.

“We want to build and the owner to turn the key. In three months we should be finished,” he said.

The construction of the project houses will be awarded to PPADB registered companies in the areas where the construction would take place but Motswaiso however said in areas where there is not a registerd company they would make exceptions.

He further stated that only five tenders would be awarded to each company except in areas without enough construction companies. BHC would supply the material needed for construction and the construction commpany is expected to charge labour not more than P12 500.

“We have identified coordinators to monitor the projects and they will be working hand in hand with the owner and the builder.,” Motswaiso said and urged the beneficiaries to be vigilant and speak out about any issues early so that they could be addressed before the house is completed.

Honourable Lebonaamang Mokalake said the event was confirmation of the government’s decision to re-locate the Self Help Housing Agency (SHAA) programme from the Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development to his Ministry of Lands and Housing.

“Government is commited to ensuring that each and every Motswana has basic shelter, an endeavour to restore their dignity,” he said.

Mokalake further said the previous housing delivery system was fraught with lack of effective implementation strategies, inadequate monitoring and evaluation of projects to determine impact and urged BHC to stay within budget and give good quality and up to standard houses.

“Make sure a good job is done. We have developmental codes so we don’t want substandard houses.

You have to put your foot down,” Mokalake said to the housing corporation’s chief.

While BHC will focus on implementing the housing delivery, applications, signing of loans and collecting for the revolving SHHA fund would be done by local councils.

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