SOS CALL: Holishwang

SOS CALL: Holishwang

*Poor woman made homeless by heavy rains appeals for help

A 45-year old Moshupa woman, Tshamekang Holishwang was recently rendered  homeless by the massive rains which wrecked havoc in the village.

Holishwang who was on Wednesday living in a Red Cross donated tent told The Voice in an interview that the heavy rains caught her by surprise.

“ There were no signs of rain when I left the house to go to a funeral.

When I got back the roof on the hut had collapsed and my blankets were soaked in a pool of water,school books for my children were damaged, birth certificates and other documents were also destroyed.

The poverty stricken woman told of how her children did not attend school the following day because their books were damaged and their uniforms wet.

The distraught single mother of  six said: “Money doesn’t buy you happiness, but it sure is necessary for a decent life.”

Appealing for help from the public, government or corporate entities, the distressed woman said that she and her family would appreciate a new stronger house that would be able to withstand rough weather elements in the future as well as donations of  old clothes and food and of course money.

She expressed gratitude to to the  Red Cross Society for furnishing her with a tent for the next 3 months and food rations for the next month.

“Homeless people have many needs, but most importantly they need true friends and this means that as Batswana we should stick together as a nation to achieve one of the pillars of  vision 2016, that of being a caring nation,” She said

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