The Botswana Defence Force new hair regulations have hit barber shops businesses in Francistown where it hurts the most, in the pocket.

Speaking to Your Money on Wednesday, many barbers said  that  the new dispensation which requires soldiers to keep their heads full of hair instead of their former clean bald look has caused their profits to dwindle drastically.

Expressing the wish for the new regulations which were introduced by the new BDF commander late last year to be reversed for both the barbers business survival and the army image’ sake,  Grapeshot David  who plies his trade in Aerodrome said: “My business has gone down by about 25%.

Soldiers were the best of customers and brought substantial amount into my business.

The commander should think about reversing this order because its killing a lot of barber shops.”



For Moffat Sechele of Area W soldiers not shaving their heads clean has not only affected his income but the army’s image as well.

“Honestly speaking I will soon starve because soldiers brought in about 75% of my business.

Now that they no longer cut their as frequently as they used to because they have been ordered to keep some hair ,my business may collapse.

I must also add that our soldiers do not look smart with heads full of hair.



The commander should change his mind about this matter not only to save our businesses but to protect the image of the army as well.”

Sakhu Matlhape who operates from the mall told Your Money that he was also hard hit by the soldiers new hair regulations.

“Since this thing started late last year my business has suffered a lot. Before the regulations soldiers kept their heads clean shaven and this meant them coming to my barber shop at least three times a month.

These days  most of them only come once a month to trim their hair and this has hit my pocket hard. I also think our soldiers do not look good with all that hair.

The commander should do something about this before we starve”

Yet another barber with a barbershop located at the mall  said: “Our businesses are suffering because soldiers were our most frequent and   reliable customers who would pay their accounts on time.

I wish the army could revert back to the old ways.”

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