CURIOUS: Students and members of the puplic

CURIOUS: Students and members of the public

Monarch residents in Francistown looked on with shock and disbelief as a horn draped in beads and animal skin was discovered near Phatlhogo Primary School on Wednesday morning.

The mysterious horn which was also wrapped with a black cloth and prickled with needles was first seen by pupils who were rushing to school in the early hours of the morning.

Superstitious residents are convinced that the freak horn was a curse from people in the neighbourhood who are practising witchcraft.

A still shaken Precious Bailey, 30, said the horn was found abandoned in the middle of the road a stone’s throw away from the school gate.

“A neighbour raised alarm after seeing pupils crowded around it. When I went near the object, I was shocked to see it draped in black cloths, beads and some needles pierced all over it.

Inside the bizarre horn we also discovered some herbs and foreign coins,” Bailey told The Voice suggesting that someone in the neighbourhood was responsible.

SCARY: The horn

SCARY: The horn

She said the strange horn may have been a curse intended to harm someone in the area.

“This is just shocking and scary. It has to be disposed of because it could be a danger to our children,” she said.

Another resident, Lydia Mgewu, who is a vendor next to the school said a young girl who was rushing to school picked up the horn but returned it where it was after she cautioned her.

“A young girl took the horn and only threw it back after I shouted at her. I don’t know why she was not scared of the freaky thing,” Mgewu said.

The woman who suspects that the horn may have been used by witches during their nocturnal activities said it was unfair for the owner to have left it near the school where young children pass on frequent basis.

She said: “I had to caution a number of pupils not to touch it was only after the first bell for school rang that they left it.”

Some residents suspect that the freaky horn was used by bogus traditional healers who con unsuspecting people claiming some spiritual powers.

“This is just some home made thing which is used to con people who believed in witchcraft. I think the only solution is get burn it,” a resident said.





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