Flooded -Still open grave

Flooded -Still open grave

Woman buried at home as rain floods graveyard

A Maitengwe woman was on Sunday buried in her family home  backyard after the torrential rains which fell in most parts of the country flooded the village cemetery.

Mourners had to dig another grave at the late Bataya Phuthego’s home after  the grave they had dug at Chakomana cemetery in Guthu ward of Maitengwe the previous day was filled up with water  in the morning.

“We found the whole area flooded so we couldn’t even see the grave which we had dug the previous day because it was covered with water.

After consulting with family members and  community leaders who were at the funeral, it was decided that we should return the  body home and dig another grave in the yard for burial,” a relative, Fanyana Tshobe told The Voice.

Tshobe said the move was partly to avoid costs which would have been incurred if the body had been returned to the mortuary until the rains stopped.

“After taking the resolution to bury the deceased at home the police, councillor and the village chief who were notified gave us a go ahead for  Phuthego to be laid to rest at home next to her grandmother’s granary,” Tshobe said.

The 40 -year old mother of three passed away a week ago in Gaborone where she lived with her children.

Village Headman Giye said : “We highly thank the residents of Maitengwe for the cooperation and assistance in digging another grave after the disaster.”

Chief Jerry Chingule Dangwi ordered that the other flooded pit be covered with soil as soon as the water subsided.

Tutume Police station commander Vusumusi Jorowe confirmed the incident.

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