Consumer-voiceDear Consumer’s Voice #1

I saw on Facebook that someone was offering Windows and Microsoft Office and lots of other software.

When I contacted them for prices they said they could give me the version of Office 2010 with Microsoft Access for P280. Can this be true? Is this legitimate?


No, it’s certainly NOT legitimate. The version of Microsoft Office you mention sells for ten times that amount so anyone who offers it at that price is clearly selling pirated software.

I got in touch with the guy by text message and pretended that I was interested. He confirmed the price of P280 for the full version of Office 2010.

I asked him whether I would get the original installation CD to keep and he said “No, u dnt remain wt the CD”. Clearly he’s up to no good, selling pirated copies of software.

If he’s not careful he’s going to end up prosecuted, fined heavily or even sent to prison.

The silly thing is that there are versions of Microsoft Office that are very reasonably priced these days. You can even get competitor products such as Open Office that are entirely free.

I’ve tried Open Office myself and while it’s not quite as cute as the Microsoft equivalent it’s perfectly good when you consider that it’s free.

There’s really no excuse for buying pirated software. If you do you’re just as criminal as the crook selling it.

Dear Consumer’s Voice #2

I have purchased a car from a local company on the 9th June 2012 and the agreement was for it to arrive in 4 weeks on the 18th July 2012 but it did not arrive.

I asked them so many times about the car they keep on telling me different stories and dates. I have paid all the amount that was needed for the car, everything. Even now I am still waiting its been 7 months please help me.


This is yet another example of how easily buying imported cards can go badly wrong.

You’ve never driven the car you’ve paid for up front, you have no idea exactly how long it will take to arrive, you’re not even sure that the car you ordered will be the one that arrives.

The whole car import industry is the extreme end of a business that it, let’s face it, already a bit suspicious.

Please send me the full details of the vehicle you bought and the contact details of the company you’ve been dealing with and we’ll get in touch with them. I’ll ask them whether you’ll ever get your car.


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