Business Conference

Business Conference

I’m not a big fan of conferences, they’re usually just an opportunity to spend your employer’s money on having a quiet day or two in a hotel conference room and getting a free lunch.

They’re also a way people think they can make a lot of money. Sometimes they do this by neglecting certain things. Like customer care and their legal obligations.

We heard from someone who booked to attend a conference by a visiting management “expert” which was cancelled at the last minute.

The organisers contacted the people who had already paid advising them that they would rebook them on to the new conference when it was rescheduled later this year.

They also invited them to attend a short seminar by another speaker for free. Unfortunately our reader couldn’t make the new date but still attended the free seminar.

Then, because she can’t attend the dates later this year she asked for a refund.

The organisers refused, saying that because she attended the free seminar she was now committed.

Haven’t they heard of Section 15 (1) (e) of the Consumer Protection Regulations 2001 which says it’s a failure “to meet minimum standards of performance” if the supplier fails “to promptly restore to the consumer entitled to it a deposit, down payment, or other payment”?

So far the organisers are ignoring my emails. I wonder why? I’ll keep you informed. Have you had the same experience?


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