CHILLIN’ OUT 25.01.2013


News reaching Yours Truly has it that upon hearing rumours of floods, that were supposed to sweep Gaborone away this past weekend, a certain television station had its reporters and camera crew on standby; supposedly to capture the devastating moment.

Well what we experienced is nothing but some showers to  cool us off.  Absolutely nothing close to what our trusted man from the weather office Mr Sticks had predicted.

It is yet not clear whether the television station got the advice to have the team ready from our man, ‘the father of all Sticks’, but one thing is certain; we are never going to see the story about the floods that never were.




An impeccable source has just told Shaya that kwaito kwasa artist Mingo is likely to settle down at the end of this year or early next year.

Yours Truly was informed that Mingo’s parents and his would be in-laws have been engaged in talks to iron out all the sticky issues before the union of the artist and their daughter could be made official.

Apparently the girl is called Candy, and those close to the couple say it is only a matter of time before they get married.

At the age of 23, Mingo would probably be the youngest local artist to commit to a girl. With many of his peers in and out of courts for sex related issues, Mingo has decided to take the safer route.


They have shown their artistry and ingenuity from the first day they entered the market. Shaya has learnt that Tripple R, a project started under Kulenyane studios is in danger of dying before it even reaches its potential.

According to a source within, Ramokwetjepe, one of the R’s in the triple R left the trio after he realized that the project was not growing as he had anticipated.

Rumour has it that the involvement of Ramozara (Thembeni) of Culture Spears on the Tripple R project was hindering the growth of the Ekentolo project where he is also heavily involved.

Apparently this also caused problems when it came to corporate gigs because Culture Spears, Ekentolo AND Tripple R are basically the same people, and the ones with lesser authority suffered.

Tripple R have since left Kulenyana Studios and are now on their own.


One lady who firmly believes that men prefer curves is Mikel Ruffinelli, a 420-pound mother of four who measures a staggering eight-foot in circumference.

At just five-foot-four, 39-year-old Mikel, who lives in Los Angeles, is substantially wider than she is tall, but says she wouldn’t want it any other way.

‘I love my shape and I see no reason to diet because I don’t have health problems,’ explains Mikel, who has a proportionally small 40-inch waist.

‘Men don’t fancy skinny girls, they like an hourglass figure. Mikel’s biggest fan is her husband, Reggie Brooks, a 40-year-old computer technician.

They’ve been married 10 years and Mikel says that he finds her unusual shape sexy and tells her every day just how beautiful she is.




It was 30 years ago when comedian Steve Harvey was a struggling, earning a living as a carpet cleaner in Florida.

Then he met Rich Liss and his wife, Becky, who gave the now popular writer and talk show host a break in the form of a line of credit.

The Liss family gave Steve a loan to help him with his travels as he tried to make it big. “Man, I ran up a bill of like $11,000 just trying to travel and make it.”

Liss surprised Steve on his birthday by appearing on his show, for his 56th birthday.

When Harvey realized it was truly Liss, he said, ‘aw man,’ and began pacing the studio, trying to pull himself together, tears filling up   his eyes. He looked stunned.

That was not funny, everybody in the audience cried.

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