CHARGED: Rammuso

CHARGED: Rammuso

Botswana Democratic Party (BDP)’s North West Regional Coordinator, Bushi Rammuso has been sentenced to six months imprisonment or a P3000 fine  for drunken driving.

Rammuso also had his driver’s licence revoked for a year despite his attorneys,  Luwanda Antonio and Legal partners’ spirited efforts for  him to retain the document.

Details of the case are that on the  April 6 2012 around 7pm, Rammuso was nabbed by patrolling traffic officers driving a motor vehicle whilst unfit to do so as indicated by the 0.81mg/l alcohol he registered on the breathelyser which was  of 0.35mg/l. above the limit.

His  attorney, Luwanda Antonio battled in vain to convince the court that his client was under kidney medication with alcohol in it which therefore raised the amount of alcohol in his blood.

“I am pleading with this honourable court to take into consideration that my client as the bread winner for his family relies on his licence to put bread on the table.

How is he going to visit constituencies under him if you are to confiscate his driving licence?” he asked, adding that the court must take into account the exenunating circumstances especially the fact that Rammuso was on medication containing alcohol.

Magistrate Taolo however did ignored the attorney’s pleas as he ruled that Rammuso’s licence be revoked for a year. The state was represented by Gomolemo Katholo of Directorate of Public Prosecutions and Antonio said he was going to file an appeal.

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