Human Rights Lawyer Unity Dow has been forced to take drastic action to combat the growing trend of rubbish dumping in ungazetted areas by members of the public.

The lawyer turned politician says she is deeply disturbed by heaps of rubbish that has become an eye sore around the country.

She recently ransacked through a freshly dumped load of refuse to find clues that could identify the owners and find them she did.

“It is quite upsetting that another human being can decide to drop their filth in public space simply because they believe it does not belong to them.

The fact that they usually do the dumping at night tells you that they know what they are doing is wrong,” she said.

She further said people should have a sense of ownership to public space and should keep it spotless as they do in their homes.

“It is unfair for someone to remove rubbish from their homes and throw it in a space used by other people.

We need to identify these culprits and expose them and I think The Voice can do a great job in that regard,” she said.

NAMED AND SHAMED: A recipt from the rubbish betrays Fidzani as the culprit

NAMED AND SHAMED: A recipt from the rubbish betrays Fidzani as the culprit

Dow said she has on a number of occasion called companies who also dump rubbish in public spaces to come clear their mess or face the wrath of the law.

“There is always a clue that links the rubbish to the owner and these people need to be exposed.

Batswana are generally very  hygienic people; you can tell by the way they keep their yards and surroundings spotless, but they need to understand that they also own the public space,” said Dow.


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