In his early 20s, Shingie Mupunga embarked on a career path pursuing Law to which he later changed to Marketing Management where he has since made a mark in the Advertising Agency Industry.

On approach, he appears to be a calm, soft spoken, reserved individual but upon interaction what an advertising preacher to say the least.

An insightful Strategic Client Services Director, whose track record in corporate brand management is anchored by his in-depth meticulous quality of strategy planning and development.

His analytical background lends him a client centric focus, coupled with interpersonal skills that have enabled him to interact with multinationals from a varied clientele.

This week we spoke to the Horizon, Ogilvy and Mather Client Services Director to find out what makes him tick.

What does being Client Services Director for Horizon Ogilvy and Mather entail?

In an era of unprecedented cutting edge technology, one who takes all the heat; I mean fire is the order of the day due to the nature of business we are in.

The overall responsibility comes with ensuring all clients at Horizon Ogilvy are serviced to the level of their satisfaction and beyond.

Additionally, the brands we manage ought to be noticed, competitive in the various space they operate in.

You are nicknamed the brands think tank, what’s your take on brand in the local market?

Little did I know I had landed such a name, owing to the passion I suppose I try to exert to what I do, I would assume that’s why.

Looking at Botswana, it is indeed a growing market with lots of opportunities opening up, though the population tends to work against us. We are often overshadowed by our neighboring country SA, who by no means has leaped miles ahead of us.

Local brands still have more to prove if they are to compete on the international scale, not to say they are incapable, but it’s not a walk in the park.

Ogilvy has been voted the best African network four times in a row including this year what does that mean?

Without a shadow of doubt, Africa is the motherland indeed; clearly we have the best brains to make it on the international scene.

For Ogilvy, we have the best DNA to nature any brand entrusted to us, such a feat means locals need not look elsewhere; Horizon Ogilvy is and should be your ad agency in Botswana.

What does it take to be the best in doing this job?

Firstly, I honestly believe one has to be passionate about advertising; it’s not an industry that you take up as just another job for sustenance.

Secondly, to be the best you have to thrive to beat the best and to beat the best you have to know who the best are.

Constantly, on the lookout for what other creative mind are doing out there will keep you on your toes, such hunger will own you and give you the impetus to go at it.

How do you unwind during your spare time?

In our world you definitely need to unwind and for me cricket, F1 and any thought provoking documentary, movie, series does the trick.

Something that takes my mind away from the mayhem of briefs, presentations and deadlines will always score big on my cards. Once in a while hanging out with well-read friends often than not is a worthy substitute.

What inspires you most?

I derive my inspiration mainly from God, I am what I am today because of His grace. In hindsight, all that I have done can be pointed at faith and many more shall I accomplish in Him.

Dream holiday:   A week in the Cape, in fact exploring the whole band through to the cape at a go.
Favourite dish:        Aaah stir fry chicken with spaghetti and vegetables.
Dream car:         An E63 AMG
What are you driving now:     An E320 Avant-garde

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