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  1. Tgirl 2013/01/20

    Batswana never stop complaining. Recently it was too hot, in fact the heat was unbearable, we complained, now the rain is here, we are complaining agai.

    Well as for me, I am happy it is raining, my BP is back to normal. Dijwalo di tlaa gola, ditlhare di tlaa itshwarelela, mathata fela re tsile go bolawa ke mariga a a bogale.

    Well, you probably remember what it was like ka 1988 ka pula ya Omang. It rained for nearly five months, re ne ra tla ra akola mabele a mantshonyana!

  2. lel-t 2013/01/21

    pula e botlhokwa so we must stop complaining n enjy mothr nature

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