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Conversations From A Combi

Conversations From A Combi

DUBANI-WA-DUBANI on Wednesday caught this conversation about rain and who makes it as he sat in a kombi waiting for it to fi ll up at the Francistown bus rank.

BLUE DRESS: I do not know what we can do about this rain. It is just becoming too much

PINK JACKET: If only it could rain at night. You really cannot do much in this rain.

BLUE DRESS: Mma we are in trouble. For hawkers like us it’s a disaster. What can you sell in this rain? Not much.

PINK DRESS: It’s a terrible situation. Going to church is a challenge I pray that it does not rain on Saturday. I hear there is a crusade in Phikwe and I would hate to miss it.

RED SHIRT: I am praying for the rain to stop too. A friend of mine is getting married. I want to have a new hairstyle on. I just hope the rains stop.

MAN IN RAINCOAT: My sisters stop complaining. Rain is a blessing from God. I am happy it’s here, we’ll be able to plough and our livestock will survive.

PINK JACKET: Maybe it should just rain at masimo then. That is where the fi elds are and the livestock.

BLUE DRESS: It does not have to rain during the day for the fi elds to be ploughed and the beast to survive. Only the water is important not the time that it rains.

MAN IN RAINCOAT: I understand your worries but rain is life and we have to celebrate it in spite of the inconvenience it brings. It’s a blessing from God.

BLUE DRESS: I know rain is from God but it just seems to come at the most inconvenient times. When you have to go to church, do business, attend a wedding or do something important it rains. It can be annoying.

MAN IN RAINCOAT: My sister you cannot aff ord to be annoyed with God.

PINK JACKET: She never mentioned God. Please do not bring Jesus into this. God has no time for small talk.

MAN IN RAINCOAT: Rain is from God and if it annoys you it means God annoys you too.

BLUE DRESS: I do not see the connection.

MAN IN RAINCOAT: Rain like air and light is also important for our lives and they are a blessing from God. If you do not accept them with a joyful heart then you are rejecting God himself.

PINK JACKET: Are you a pastor Sir?

MAN IN RAINCOAT: No, just a simple father.

BLUE DRESS: For a moment I thought you were. I think you should preach.

MAN IN RAINCOAT: May be one day I will be. (writer’s attention disturbed by a commotion outside combi)



2 Responses to “RAINY SEASON WOES”

  1. Tgirl 2013/01/20

    Batswana never stop complaining. Recently it was too hot, in fact the heat was unbearable, we complained, now the rain is here, we are complaining agai.

    Well as for me, I am happy it is raining, my BP is back to normal. Dijwalo di tlaa gola, ditlhare di tlaa itshwarelela, mathata fela re tsile go bolawa ke mariga a a bogale.

    Well, you probably remember what it was like ka 1988 ka pula ya Omang. It rained for nearly five months, re ne ra tla ra akola mabele a mantshonyana!

  2. lel-t 2013/01/21

    pula e botlhokwa so we must stop complaining n enjy mothr nature

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