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Apparently a female artist did the unthinkable over the festive season by crossing into Namibia without proper travelling documents.

Shaya has been informed that the talented lady was booked for a show in Namibia and realizing that she did not have a passport she hid inside her boyfriend’s car boot and successfully crossed into Namibia.

However her luck ran out when she tried to come back to Botswana as immigration officials found her tightly squeezed inside the trunk.

Apparently she was fined a hefty amount. The Kwaito kwasa artist apparently had hired former Biza Mupulu dancers 12 Volts. Girl, please get a passport to avoid these tight situations.


Nijel Amos

Nijel Amos

Reports that Botswana’s most celebrated athlete, Olympic Silver Medalist is an out of control imbiber has got the nation talking.

While the youthful athlete has come out guns blazing and distanced himself from the abuse of “holy waters” allegations a few people on Facebook continue to state that in fact the young man enjoys his drink.

Apparently the athlete has been hurt by these allegations, especially from the Athletics Association who failed to protect him when he needed them the most.

Shaya’s advice to you Amos is run, run as fast as you can, win Gold and have a beer or two to celebrate. Cheers!


A certain sports administrator is apparently having sleepless nights from his young mistress (le-14) who is threatening to spill the beans about their illicit affair.

Rumour has it that things took a nasty turn when le-14 learnt that his hubby is dating another lady and is showing her off to the whole world.

Apparently the young jilted lover is fuming because the said guy has forced her to abort three times and is not prepared to easily lose the man who has caused her so much pain; literally.


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