CAMERA SHY: Masilo hiding his face from the camera

CAMERA SHY: Masilo hiding his face from the camera

Thabo Masilo, who faces one count of murder seem to have finally had it with all the media attention he has been receiving.

The 21 year old former Botho College student arrived incognito when he appeared for mention at the Village Magistrate Court on Monday.

The accused hid his face under a towel and had his mouth covered in a bandana to keep the lens men at bay.

However the persistence of the photographers to get their shot eventually rubbed the young the wrong way. Directing his gaze towards Voice Photographer as he positioned himself for a shot, Masilo quickly let him know where he stood.

“Kante wena wa go emisa leng go tsaya dinepe? O toga o n**la,” he said.Masilo

The murder of 17 year old Tshephang Motlhare, who was attaecked inside her home at the Phase IV suburb caused so much outrage, with the public and some political heads calling for the young man to be hanged.

The case however has stalled as the Public Prosecutor is still awaiting the forensic report from the Forensic Department. State Prosecutor Khumoetsile Tirelo told court that the state is about to complete its investigations.

Masilo will appear again for mention on January 18th 2013.

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