BPSA prison warder inundated with traffic offences that ranged from drunken driving, driving with a disqualified licence to an attempt to bribe a police officer has committed suicide.

The 43- year- old Searget at Boro prison killed himself on the 4th of January by hanging himself on a tree near his house and left an apology sucide note addressed to his family.

Maun Police Station Commander, Superitandant Kenanao Kenny Badumetse said that the deceased was facing a fine of driving under the influence of alcohol and driving with a disqualified licence.

The seargent who was from Borolong village (20km west of Francistown) was banned from driving on the 14th of December after he was found guilty of driving whilst under the influence of alcohol by the Maun Magistrate court.

After forfeiting his licence to the court, the seargent allegedly went to Francistown and obtained another licence under false pretences that he had lost the orginal.

He was however nabbed on the 28th of December by a patrolling officer who suspected that the prison warder was driving drunk.

He was charged with two counts of traffic offences but he tried to bribe the traffic officer to lose his file. The officer however declined the offer and instead reported the matter to his seniors.

“Upon arrest he tried to bribe the officer with P800 but the officer notified his seniors who arrested the seargent for bribery,” said Badumetse.

Maun police boss could not be drawn into discussing  the suicide note.

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