A suspected thief who escaped from police custody recently was captured when he called the cops to rescue him from drowning in a river he was attempting to cross.

27- year- old  Galehulare Seloka of Shakawe village was detained by Maun police for allegedly stealing  P10 000 that disappeared while he was house sitting.

Appearing before Kgosi Oleyo Ledimo of Maun Customary Court, Seloka who did not want to be photographed  agreed to everything that was said before the court  with the hope of being freed quickly to avoid his picture being snapped.

The facts of the case are such  that on the 4th of January 2013, a Discovery Metals employee, Kgari Mpolokang left  P10 000 in his house which Seloka was to look after while the owner was gone.

When he returned three days later,  Mpolokang found his money gone and therefore reported the matter to police.

P600 of the missing money was reportedly found at Seloka’s house and he told the police that part of the money was hidden near Nazareth Church at Botshabelo ward in Maun.

The court was told that when the investigating team was about to arrive at Nazareth,Seloka changed his statement and said that he had hidden the money at the popular Big Tree along Thamalakane River instead.

At the Big Tree, Seloka  made a break for his freedom by  jumping into Thamalakane river leaving the stunned police to watch as he swam across.

The incident is said to have happened around 10′ o’clock at night,  but  when police were about to leave the scene they heard him calling for help and the Botswana Defence Force  team team was called to  rescue and arrest him in an operation that took an hour to  accomplish.

The rescue team said they found him hanging by his handcuffs on a small pole in the river to prevent himself from drowning.

Seloka was arrested and bought to court where he was given three strokes of the cane on the back plus a tongue lashing from Kgosi Ledimo.

“You earned yourself a whipping and a bad image. Maybe you were not going to be found guilty but because of your stupidity things are now tough for you,” said Ledimo.

He was immediately whisked  back into police custody after the lashing to await the conclusions of the investigations into the missing P10 000.

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