MESSAGE SENT: Online payment

MESSAGE SENT: Online payment

MultiChoice launches new payment platforms

Sci-fi movies have often portrayed automated functions as alienating the human race and thus creating an “us vs them” divide.

When fully understood, new technologies can turn everyday tasks into nothing more than a tick on your to-do-list.

Online banking has ushered in an era of banking at the click of a mouse and mobile banking literally at your fingertips.

Imagine if you could place an order for your groceries and simply go to the store and collect your order?

Or programme a destination into your car’s memory and arrive without having had to steer the car in any direction.

Maybe the latter is a bit more futuristic but payment options exist to allow clients to settle their accounts without having to get into a car; steer it to a destination and queue until they can eventually settle their accounts.

MultiChoice Botswana has recently launched new payment platforms for their DStv subscribers in conjunction with mobile network providers Orange and Mascom and First National Bank.

The self-service facility allows customers to reset their smartcards and clear error codes, check balances, find out when their subscription is due without calling the call centre.

Subscribers simply send an sms to the 17771 short code with any of the following key words: due, balance, pay, reset, account followed by their smart card number.

A text response will be sent to their cell phone with the required information.

The short code can be used at anytime from any cell phone network giving customers the power to manage their DStv accounts without stepping into a branch.

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