WritingWriting articles about different holidays can be a great way to break into the international magazine market.

One thing Batswana writers must get in their heads is that the world for writers is global.

If you’re a freelance writer and trying to make it in the tiny, underfinanced publishing world of our country you’re making your life needlessly difficult.

There are loads of magazines out there all over the world waiting to pay you for your articles.

With the internet, international bank transfers and Pay Pal, life is easier and global. One way to get that break is to write articles about particular holidays.

Though I’m writing this at Christmas time, if you attempt to sell a Christmas article to a magazine in December the editor will surely think you’ve lost your mind.

Magazines have long lead times, sometimes as long as five or six months. That means they will be planning their Christmas issue in July.

You need to be thinking quite a bit in advance with your ideas.When you’re thinking about writing feature articles on holidays for magazines remember to be specific.

Keep in mind the target market of the magazine. Also think widely about holidays. A little bit of research can reveal a goldmine of ideas. For example, many science magazines have back pages for lighter articles.

You might pitch an article to the editor in September about doing a feature on Albert Einstein’s birthday on 14 March. Or how about an article for an environmental magazine on Butterfly Day which is also on the 14 March.

Things to Remember Work your location- You might think being in Africa or in Botswana is a point against you when it comes to writing for international magazines, it is only the case if you let it.

You can write about where you are. How do Batswana celebrate Christmas? What about an article about dikhwaere? This may seem commonplace to you but to an American magazine it is exotic.

Know the magazine- more than any other publishing market, magazines are very specific.

An editor of a magazine knows their target market down to education, age, race, sex, and income.

You can get a pretty good idea of a magazine’s target market by reading it and playing close attention to the adverts. Who are they selling to? That is who you should be writing to.

A Call for Submissions-Amantle

Petlo Literary Arts Trust is looking for abstract submissions for their upcoming journal.

Petlo Literary Arts Trust aims to promote and further encourage the development of creative writing and literature in Botswana.

They would like to focus their attention on critical and analytical discourse by academics, students, journalists, writers, researchers, educators and theatre practitioners and other commentators on language and literature.

The papers will be published as a book. They’re looking for papers on most any topic around writing and Botswana literature. For a more complete list of what they are looking for contact the email below.

Length of Abstract: 250 words.

Abstracts should include:
Title of paper
The theme addressed
Name and academic title of author
E-mail address and postal address
Number of words in the abstract

Abstracts will be considered and responded to as they are submitted.
Deadline: 30TH December 2012. Send submissions in the form of abstracts to:
sebonib@mopipi.ub.bw, barolongseboni@yahoo.com
sebinat@mopipi.ub.bw Abstracts must be Microsoft Word
documents and must be sent only electronically

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