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Nduse (left) Tshuma (right)

Nduse (left) Tshuma (right)

In our last week’s edition we mistakenly used a wrong picture for the story which appeared on page 8 with a headline ‘Traditional Healer Accused of Raping Four Underage Girls.

Instead of using the picture of the accused, George Nduse we used the picture of one Peter Tshuma who is accused of killing his girlfriend.

We would therefore like to apologise for any inconvenience caused by this error.



2 Responses to “WE ERRED”

  1. Crinklecutt 2013/01/28

    LOL – That’s inexcusable, even if he did kill his girlfriend, he has the right not to be raped repeatedly in prison.

  2. oeborupile 2013/02/28

    of course u erred…

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