Reader’s feedback

Reader’s feedback

The year 2012 has come and gone, however, stories covered by The Voice have left a lasting impression on the minds of many. Through the buzzing Voice Facebook Page with a following of over 51000, our stories have captivated readers and have been talk of the town. We analysed all these stories to produce a list of Top five Stories of 2012 based on insight metrics about how readers engaged with the news stories.

1. Olympics: Amos Victory

The golden story of the year was Team Botswana’s performance at the 2012 London Olympics where Nijel Amos made the nation proud by sprinting to second place in the 800m final. Amos, 19, did for Botswana what many branding campaigns may only dream to achieve, by raising the nation’s flag high on the world’s stage of over a billion people.  In less than 2 minutes the young lad from the north turned into a national hero. In less than 2 minutes, Amos’ performance cast the limelight on Botswana.

2. Water Utilities Corporation Employees Drown

Tragedy struck just when no one expected and left the nation deep in sorrow when three Water Utilities Cooperation employees drowned in the Gaborone Dam. First reported missing, and weeks later found dead in the waters, the employees were in everyones’ prayers. Their tragic fate brought about national mourning and anger as readers questioned WUC’s safety procedures. Although a national issue, a report deduced from investigations on the drowning was branded confidential.

3. Man sentenced to four years in jail for stealing P7.00

The story of a Maun man, 24, sentenced to four years behind bars for stealing P7.00 and a P300 cellphone attracted the attention of many who felt that the sentencing was too harsh. Pelonomi Montsho, gained readers’ sympathy given that all the items he stole were recovered. However, according to the presiding magistrate, Montsho had committed a crime and had to be punished.

4. Pitsane sex scandal

The sex scandal involving Minister Kitso Mokaila spread like wildfire on social media and on the streets to become one of the top stories of the year. Alleged proof of sms communication between the minister and a 21 year old lassie included messages like: “let’s see when I get to Pitsane, I would love to f**k both of you silly all day, all night honey.” For close to a month the ‘Pitsane’ scandal was part of daily living as a day wouldn’t pass without comments on social media in reference to ‘Pitsane’ and the word ‘silly’. In fact, if one is to be silly then one may say the scandal turned Pitsane from an unknown village to a destination of choice.

5. Hospital welder masquerades as a doctor and examines girls private parts

A Maun man, 34, left many in awe after it was revealed that he swapped his welder’s jacket for a doctor’s coat and continued to examine three young ladies’ private parts claiming to be a gynaecologist. Pokano Gaithuse, is said to have undressed the ladies and used a corrosive industrial cleaner on their genitalia putting the ladies at risk of having their private parts glued. Fortunately, the ladies experienced nothing more than itching rashes. Gaithuse was charged with indecent assault and faced an additional charge of impersonating a person in the public service.

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