BRING THE HURRICANE: Skinflint performing in Nairobi

BRING THE HURRICANE: Skinflint performing in Nairobi

Local heavy metal rock band Skinflint’s reputation continues to grow beyond this boarder. The three piece brutal metal heads recently headlined the annual Nairobi Rock Show where they also launched their new and third studio album “Dipoko.”

The new look band, which now has Alessandra Sbrana in the drums after they parted ways with Mothusi “Cool” Mahuri are slowly cutting themselves a niche market in the African continent.

Since the release of their third and internationally acclaimed album Iklwa, the trio has never looked back and continues to be the sole ambassadors of Botswana rock.

It was the song ‘Iron pierced king’ from the Iklwa album that actually propelled the Nosey Road offshoot to dizzying heights. The hit song Iron Pierced king which can easily be mistaken for an Iron Maiden tune has over 46 000 views on Youtube, a remarkable statistic by any standards.

“That is definitely the song that gave us the breakthrough and since then there has been massive interest on us,” said lead guitarist and vocalist Giuseppe “Juice” Sbrana.

Reflecting on the Nairobi show, one of the biggest annual rock meeting in Africa, the young Sbrana said revelers quickly warmed up to Alessandra on the drums and quickly nicknamed her  “Hurricane Sandy”, apparently due to the way she pounded the drums.

“She demolished the stage, and the response was jus WOW!” he said.

Skinflint came into the rock scene in 2007 with an EP Inside Scar which was followed by the album Massive Destruction, Iklwa and another EP Gauna which was recorded live in France.

Sbrana who pens all the songs has an obsession with African mythology; his songs are laced with lyrics of self consciousness and a deep dislike for spiritual wickedness.  Lyrics in the song Blood ox ritual from the new album are not for the faint hearted; Dipoko album as the name suggests is ghostly, it is not altar boy stuff.

The album will be available on Amazon, Itunes and would be in local stores next weekend.

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