ONLY BUYING BASICS: Consumers after shopping

ONLY BUYING BASICS: Consumers after shopping

No major sales increase for most retail shops

The festive season is usually characterised by a lot of expenditure by consumers but 2012 seems to be a different year as most retail outlets have revealed that it has been business as usual.

Though not in a position to substantiate with figures most branch managers interviewed said festive season sales dropped this year compared to last year

“It has been business as usual, really can’t feel that it’s December in terms of sales because there hasn’t been any increase,’’said branch manager for Spar Kgale Hill, Emiele Bouwer.

He said besides limited disposable income which seemed to be the biggest factor, the day on which Christmas day falls this year may also play part in the low sales of both food and beverages.

“It might not be a big issue but the fact that Christmas is on a Tuesday somehow has an effect as people tend to be more relaxed and merry on weekends meaning that they will buy their drinks and meat for braai for the weekend and not for Christmas,” he said.

There is also nothing worth celebrating in terms of sales at Game as branch manager, Fazel Mangera echoed Bouwer’s sentiments saying they did not reap any benefits of the festive season.

“This time of the year should be about high sales but unfortunately that cannot be said for this year. People don’t seem to have money to spend anymore and we are feeling the pinch,” he said.

For his part, Food Lovers manager, Dirk Burger said though there has been a slight increase in sales, it’s not what they expected.

“People are buying more of goods which are on special compared to those which are being sold at the normal price and although there has been a slight increase in sales since the beginning of the festive, we were expecting more,’’ he said.

Meanwhile while other retailers were bemoaning the drop in festive sales, Choppies chief executive officer, Ramachandran Ottapath said sales have been good even though consumer buying patterns have changed over the years.

“People are now health conscious and particular about what they eat. Our chicken is selling more than beef as people are shifting to white meat same with fruit juices which are selling more than the fizzy type. But otherwise sales have been good,” he said.

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