ALL SMILES: Mbau poses with Posh Models staff

ALL SMILES: Mbau poses with Posh Models staff

*Agency to sell Mbau’s controversial book

Posh Models, a local Stylish Agency seem to be making positive strides in their quest to become a unique and formidable player in the Modeling and Fashion Industry. The agency recently hosted the self styled South Africas’ ‘Queen of bling’ Khanyi Mbau who was their star guest at their fashion show event called The Ring.

Mbau who declared at a press conference that she shares Posh Models’ dream of revolutionizing the fashion industry in Botswana by coming up with initiatives such as The Ring.

“The Ring” initiative is not popular yet in Africa, but it is the in thing in the UK. I just love it, because a boxing ring gives models something unique. In the ring a model is isolated, you are all alone and this could help a lot of girls to discover themselves. I’m just here to endorse the vision,” said Mbau.

Mbau said it was high time African designers dominate the world, by coming up with African inspired pieces.

“South Africa for instance is an experimental ground for First World Countries; if it works in SA they are sure that it will work in the rest of Africa. We need to have our own signature as a nation,” she said.

The mother of a seven year old daughter said young people today have everything at their disposal to make it in life.

“Our parents were disadvantaged and we don’t necessarily have to walk in their footsteps; we can push boundaries to realize our dreams,” she said.

The ‘queen of bling’ also revealed that her biography “Bitch please! I’m Khanyi Mbau” would be launched in February and Posh Models has been tasked with selling the book in Botswana.

The biography written by entertainment journalist Lesley Mofokeng after a series of interviews with the gold digger socialite, Mbau hangs it all, from the most lurid of detail to the most heartbreaking.

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