Kedikilwe who hoped this historic moment will come to pass during his life time expressed these sentiments at the Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) Women’s wing fundraising dinner held in Francistown last Saturday.

“I am told you want to use the funds raised here tonight to educate and empower other women so that they can be able to competitively contest with their male counterparts. And as my time slowly comes to an end, I hope to see Botswana have its first female President”, he said.

Kedikilwe acknowledged that BDP recognises the role of women in politics and their critical importance in ensuring the success of the party in the coming elections.

He also urged the party members to carry out a SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats) analysis so that they can be able to take the party forward “Serious political parties need to carry out a SWOT analysis, to determine and check whether as individuals we are not increasing threats to the party and how we can maximize on our strengths,” he said.

After a night of painting the town red and merry making BDP’s women’s wing raised P 61 000 and received donations of 1000 t shirts and two heifers.

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