Says he almost died of stress while at BMD

The former Vice President of Botswana Movement for Democracy (BMD) says he never really enjoyed his stay at the party because he founded it while on sabbatical leave from the BDP.

Botsalo Ntuane made the confession on Sunday in his constituency of Gaborone West South where he was welcomed back to the ruling Botswana Democratic Party (BDP).

“I was not well at all. I nearly died at a young age due to stress. I could not sleep peacefully, my blood pressure was up and I almost became diabetic. I had nightmares,” said Ntuane of his life at BMD.

He said the stress was caused by the fact that his heart had always been with the BDP.

“In February, when the BDP celebrated its 50th anniversary I was invited. When I went home later in the evening, I felt much better, I felt cured. I had a good sleep that night. I realised that I BDP was the solution to my health problems,” he said.

He added that he was a bit reluctant to immediately “take the medication” (joining BDP) because he knew by so doing he would disappoint and hurt his friends and followers.

“I was afraid of what the people would say, what my friends would say if I swallowed this tablet. The dilemma brought back the illness and you can imagine how it was, worse than before. The stress level went up and I was critically ill,” he said.

In June, Ntuane eventually decided to take the tablet and joined the BDP because his health was more important to him than anything

“When I came back from sabbatical, I felt much better and I felt like a human being again. I am healthier and happier,” he added.

Ntuane who was the leader of Opposition in Parliament at the time of his resignation from BMD, had always refused to frankly talk about his resignation from opposition until last Sunday.

However on Sunday he stated that besides his love for BDP, the opposition frustrated him by consistently opposing every initiative brought forward by the ruling party.

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