courtA 30- year- old man who killed his girlfriend for insisting on going to church has been slapped with a 17 year jail sentence.

Puso Tsietso  from Mopipi  and commonly known as ‘Killer’  hit and strangled his live in girl friend, Kelebogile Bahumeng, 25 in 2008 when she insisted on attending an all night church service in the village.

According to court evidence, the accused is said to have followed the deceased at her sister’s home and told her that she was not going anywhere. When the deceased continued to walk away heading for church, the accused grabbed her and ordered her to get back to the hut.

Giving evidence, Bahumeng’s sister Gorata said:”Out of fear, Bahumeng ran back to the hut and Puso followed her. When I tried to stop him from following her he hit me on the face with a metal pipe and I lost consciousness only to wake up and find my sister lying in a pool of blood. Puso was nowhere in sight.”

A post mortem report of the murdered mother of one indicated that she sustained a fractured skull after being hit by a blunt object and was also strangled to death.

Despite trying to convince the courts that he was now a reformed man who had enrolled for Bible lessons while in prison and regretted his actions, Francistown High Court Judge Tshepho Motswagole still sent him to almost two decades in prison.

“The two offences that the accused is charged with are very serious offences which are on the rise. Unlawful wounding is on the rise and is a prelude to murder. These are the kind of offences which the accused must be made to pay for lest he and others like him may think otherwise,” he said. The state was represented by G Motlhagodi.

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