Many of us tend to associate social occasions with alcohol and the Christmas holidays are just about the biggest excuse for socialising each year.

This means people who wouldn’t normally drink are tempted to indulge, and others who do drink may take it to excess.

Binge drinking or drinking excessively can cause significant health problems even in the short term, but more immediately, it may result in accidents, injuries, or just an evening you would rather regret.

Think about what you want to gain over the festive period.

It can be a time to celebrate with friends and relatives but often people become stressed and anxious during this time.

Remember, alcohol is a depressant, so it is likely to make you feel worse if you are already struggling with the additional monetary and social pressures that come along.

-Don’t drink more than you are used to, and try to have at least three to four alcohol free days in the week.

Be aware of the amount of alcohol in each drink: your body can process around 1 unit of alcohol every hour; any more than this and you will start feeling the effects.

1 unit is equal to a can of weak beer, a small glass of wine, a 25ml measure of spirit, or a small glass of cider. Keep safe and be aware of your surroundings.

Look out for friends, don’t walk alone at night, and keep your drinks safe to avoid being spiked.

Remember why you are celebrating in the first place: if it is to see friends and family then don’t let it become an event you regret or don’t remember.

Plan some alcohol free activities and try something new this summer. You can find BOSASNet on Facebook or visit our webpage at

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