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  1. mhata 2013/01/04

    metlholo ruri…..dilo tse dingwe o fitlhela o kare dilo tsa setswana hela waitse ija

  2. phomphoko 2013/01/04

    ao banna waits some parents ke mathata how do u tht to a kid for eating segwapa ao ao ao metholo ele ruri

  3. Lickson Sebotho 2013/01/06


  4. Aubza 2013/01/08

    this are the kinda people hu need no court go ya go seka—str8 kaletso ha e santse e le teng….to the young kid o jeleng nama ya bo saatane ba…dont worry—there is enuf meat for you to eat if u have access into heaven—rest well!!

  5. geethmmo 2013/01/09

    this guys might be possessed or sumthing,i mine how can a strait parent beat a kid in such a way if bale normal,for that matter over a piece of segwapa,she ws still so young,bright future ahead,gongwe one a ka tsoga ale boloka,eish to sad

  6. tipa11 2013/01/09

    What they did can ba solved by eye for an eye. Lets hang them face downwards and beat them with a knobkerrie until they bleed to death with their noses. Segwapa fela? from here they are fed at prison while the child is dead.

  7. cheerful 2013/01/11

    this is very similar to what happenned to late Nathan who suffered and died from his abusive parents

  8. cheerful 2013/01/11

    How many children are facing this kind of situation in society?

  9. cheerful 2013/01/11

    How many children will lose their lives before those in authority including those organisations that are supposed to be there for them do something to stop this??

  10. Pepere 2013/01/14

    Mogongwe ke mathata banna a ngwana oka balaelwa nama bolwetsi ao……….

  11. Mo ke bosetlhogo jo bo tona tota,le ka kgoro ya legodimo ga ke bone ba tla e tsena,may her soul rest in peace,shems!!!

  12. bots 2013/01/23

    bagaetsho are emeng ka dinao re ageng lefatshe la rona, batho ha ba dira jana a le bone ba bolawe ka bosetlhogo ba tle ba utlwe gore ba sotlile ngwana jang..ao ebile ke rothisa keledi..may the little soul rest in peace , amen..

  13. Crinklecutt 2013/01/28

    I didn’t read anywhere where the mother did anything but cower away from her obviously insane and incredibly violent husband. I’m pretty sure that wasn’t the first time this guy took such liberties on the women of the house. I think they should be tried separately. The man as a violent killer, and the woman sent to psychotherapy to help her deal with the guilt and trauma she probably carries around with her. How small do you have to be to watch somebody kill the child you “carried for 9 months”. – Is there a doctor in the house?

  14. stagarandah 2013/01/30

    Morena leba kwano tlhe!Ao this is so sad kere ke akanya gore ngwana gore o mo tlise mo lehatsheng o boga jang motho abo atla go mmolaya botlhoko jaana!Heish hatshe le la lwala waitse.

  15. Tacee 2013/02/01

    awu biltong? kana ke yone recession?

  16. oeborupile 2013/02/28

    ths lady o ganeditse setswana se se reng mmangwana o e tshwara ko bogaleng…Even bana ba ba setseng ba go tlhobogile mosadi ke wena,,O tsile go jewa je dibe tsa gago botlhoko n the way u r going to die ga o itse..o tsile go utlwa botlhoko bo gaisang jo o bo utlwisitseng ngwana yoo..didnt she scream out to you for help?hw dd u feel watching her die?

  17. Faniloh Desmond Magezi 2013/03/21

    The mother is as guilty as the father, She has the duty to act and report the criminal activities that She witness.. So o tla fihlela a ne a tshwaretse mdala baki,
    about the Kingdom of Heaven, ga re sure coz apostle Paul did the same ka Stephan and He turn out to beone of the Heaven materials…..

    what a world eish…

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