Monarch East Councillor Raoboy Mpuang has vowed to re-table the recently rejected motion lobbying for a community radio station in Francistown in the next full council meeting.

Mpuang who is convinced that this time around the motion would be accepted said he will not give up until fellow councillors in the city of Francistown council see sense of what he is advocating for.

“I moved the motion in good faith because I realised that the community of Francistown needs a station. When no one backed me, I was shocked and embarrassed because it’s clear even to a blind man that as the second city we need a radio station which mainly broadcasts in a language used by the majority from this area,” Mpuang said.

Speaking to The Voice, the councillor said a community radio station in the second city would help disseminate information on government programmes according to the needs of people leaving in the area.

“Yes I know that some people might feel that I am fuelling tribalism which is very wrong because personally I originate from Serowe but still feel that a community radio station using Ikalanga language is highly needed in Francistown because most people are Bakalanga.”

Mpuang said his wish is for the government and politicians to ensure that community radio stations are dotted around the country for the sake of the people leaving in those areas.

He gave an example of neighbouring countries like Zimbabwe and South Africa which have found it fit to have community radio stations using various languages regardless of their population.

The councillor however expressed confidence that fellow legislators from the ruling party and other opposition parties would support his motion next year because they now understand its importance after he explained why he decided to move it. He also said the motion was probably rejected because most councillors were not present when he presented it.

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