Gaborone West police have dismissed allegations that David Oabile’s, a 16-year old boy who died after an alleged assault in Kgale View last week had been murdered.

Despite a moving testimony by his cousin at the funeral last weekend that he was attacked by thugs and a further revelation of the post-mortem report contents by his father that he died of strangulation, police have dismissed any murder suggestion.

This week Superintendent Bonny Bareki of Gaborone West police said they suspected that Oabile died of drug abuse. “We’re not investigating a murder case here, we’re actually in the process of starting an inquest into the matter.

There was no criminal element and our findings are that these boys were into drugs,” he said although he did not reveal the nature of the drugs.

Young Oabile was laid to rest at Phakalane Estates’ Phomolong Cemetery last weekend amid scenes of anguish and sorrow as mourners spoke highly of the boy who was a Form 4 student at Naledi Secondary school. As wreaths were lovingly laid on his grave, school mates and members of the Sunday school wept, their voices joining other mourners in a crescendo of high pitched wails.

Although the police insist that Oabile was into drugs, speaker after speaker told of how the teenage boy was a teetotaler and member of the United Congregational Church of Southern Africa (UCCSA), more concerned with church duties than rolling himself a joint.

GRIEF STRIKEN: David's peers

GRIEF STRIKEN: David’s peers

“He was a well mannered boy who was brought up well in a Christian family. He really did not deserve to die so young. If only there was a way to select people to be taken by God this boy would definitely not have been on the list, at least not so soon,” commented neighbor Geoffrey Pheko.

The deceased’s father, Moses Oabile (54) said on the fateful evening his son had visited his cousin at Kgale View. “We were supposed to go to the farm together on Friday but on Tuesday David asked for permission to visit his cousin at Kgale and his mom and I agreed.

He was due to come back home on Wednesday but the following day he asked to stay another night and by then I had cancelled the farm trip due to other engagements and I obliged.

On Friday the boys stayed home with an elder cousin when their uncle went to Tlokweng for visit.”

Moses said he learnt of his son’s death the following day through his brother who had discovered the corpse in the house. “My brother told me that when he arrived home from Tlokweng on Friday night he went to bed and that when he woke the boys up in the morning my son was lying dead.”

DEAD: David

DEAD: David

Oabile’s cousin who is doing Form 2 at Kgale Junior secondary School, Moses said, told the family that on that evening they had gone to the nearby shops to buy some groceries and that on their way back they were confronted by a gang of young thugs. “The young boy knew the thugs and he ran off while David just stood there as he did not know who they were.

They pounced on him and badly wounded him on the head and face before they left him for the dead.

The young boy says when he came back for David he was lying motionless and he went home to call the elder cousin and they took him home hoping that he would be fine the following morning.

Unfortunately none of them thought of reporting to the police or calling the parents,” Moses said.

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