CHILLIN’ OUT 21.12.12


Rebecca Malope

Rebecca Malope


REBECCA Malope’s publicized show where she was supposed to sample songs from her new album was a damp squib.

The award winning South African gospel artist attracted just a handful of revelers at a show allegedly not helped by poor sound system.

The hefty P300 entrance fee apparently had to be slashed after organizers realised that no one was coming to the show.

Perhaps the worst news of the night was that Malope could not do her entire set because of poor sound.




WORD on the street has it that local gospel artist Testify who had branded himself as “Preacher boy” is not amused that Vee, who has recently declared his love for Christ has now branded himself “Preacher Man”.

Appaerently Testify had done about three jingles for RB2, where he used the name and now Vee’s jingle s are all over the station and he uses name Preacher Man.



Shaya can understand Testify’s gist here; Vee has actually stopped him from growing from “Preacher boy” to “Preacher man”.

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