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RAYMOND Toitoi, aka Legare has just dropped his long awaited debut album called Platinum Blade.

A gifted rapper whose rich Setswana lines puts him in the elite few, Killer Terror Legare is definitely the answer to A.T.I’s dominance this year, and Platinum Blade which hit the shelves on Saturday is a priceless Christmas purchase.

The 17 track album has songs like Bad boy which has been receiving massive airplay from local radio stations.

Another song to watch out is Do like I do featuring Tshepi D and Wa Motswaki, a party tune and a festive banger.

Legare also features Mo Molemi on the song Peo ya bogosi and again his lyrical supremacy is confirmed against the more rated South African music.

Heaven Sent Records, who have produced the likes of Dramaboi, Sliq Sta and Apollo Diablo could have struck another gold in Legare; and producer Karabo ‘Bally’ Leburu could perhaps raise up his hand and lay claim to the best hip hop producer title. The album is that good, its gets 9 out of 10.




THERE are artists out there who would never accept that kwaito has died.

They will tell you all sorts of stories of how their sound will bring back the once popular genre, that is despite the fact that the king, Arthur Mafokate went kwasa, BOP went house, some guys still want to turn back the hands of time.

However P-Dee’s album which I have been reluctant to listen to for fear of being disappointed has made me eat humblepie.

The 10 track album is a good product and will definitely make my Christmas line up. Woza featuring Catphonix is a jam good enough for any house party or club.

Other songs include Cooler Box, Theeletja, sgubu, Champaigne, Bochelo, Impilo and Sthandwa.

The album was mastered at Lapdust Audio Mastering in South Africa and is a mixture sghubu and Durban kwaito. It gets 7 out of 10.




2012 was a year where exploitation of performing arts was just appalling.

I personally had a run-in with a few people who were out to take advantage of our young boys and girls either in music shows or beauty pageants.

They are so many and have shattered too many dreams. This has prompted a group of young Batswana to come up with a promotions company that will take care of all the needs of a professional artist.

AJ Promotions founded by Gugu Mavuma would take care of the grooming through various activities, would be responsible for any opportunity, audition or bookings.

“We want artists to sign with us and have a peace of mind,” said Mavuma.

Mavuma feels that local entertainers rarely plan their marketing and publicity campaigns and says more needs to be done to collaborate with different media companies in promoting local entertainment.

Registration has been ongoing and the last day is December 22 at Cresta President Hotel from 8am until 14000hrs.

Khanyi Mbau

Khanyi Mbau


SHE is known as the queen of bling in South Africa and Khanyi Mbau intends to keep the title for as long as she can.

Mbau was in the country last week as a guest at the models ring show organized by Posh Models.

Mbau said it is high time local entertainers stand up and take their rightful position in the global village.

“When your rappers visit SA, we can spot them, we can always tell that they are from Botswana because they have that swag; they just don’t know it,” she said.

She further said the only reason South Africans and Nigerians are making it is because they are able to work together, we need to see more and more of that happening between SA and Botswana.

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