As the year comes to an end and people reflect on the days gone, they also look into the future with renewed hope, wishing to see positive changes in their economic, social and political lives.
We spoke to a few politicians and men on the street to find out what they want to for  Christmas and their hopes for the New Year and this is what they had to say



Wynter Mmolotsi, Member of Parliament for Francistown South
“I want to wish my family and Batswana good health as they celebrate the Christmas holidays. I know that life was not any easier for most of us this year, and it is not promising that it will get better soon. My wish for the New Year is for Batswana to realise that with the current party and adminstration things will continue to get worse. They therefore should know that they hold a key to a better future and should just turn it to the right direction for change to be realised.



Taolo Lucas, Publicity Secretary for Botswana Congress Party
“I wish to see more tolerance from our political leadership as we move into 2013. We have seen instances of intolerance by the ruling elite and I hope we would not have such in the coming year and years to come. A typical example of intolerance that we experienced this year was when the powers that be amended rules so that the leader of opposition must report to the Office of the President. The whole idea behind all this was to restrict him from holding Kgotla meetings. I also wish to see more openness and acceptance of opposition as an integral part of our democracy.

Arafat Khan, Botswana National Front Youth League Secretary General
“I am Muslim and therefore don’t celebrate Christmas but as we get into 2013 I wish Batswana come to realize that the BDP with Khama as its leader will come up with policies that that will ultimately destroy Botswana. I also wish that the UDC (Umbrella for Democratic Change) becomes a key source of inspirations and hope for all Batswana.



Maclean Moyo, (43) from Francistown
“This year has not been the best one for me especial financially, so I would be on cloud nine if I can get a present of cash. I know it’s rare for people to give away money in lump sums, but I would very much appreciate it if any well wisher could just give me some cash. I always hear of people winning big bucks but I have never been lucky, so my wish is that since this is the time for giving and receiving, someone out there could just open his heart and give me a present of lots of money. Truly speaking I am desperately in need of money to enhance my life and that of my family so I wish all my friends out there could give me some cash.”



Mpho Moilwa (30) from Moshopa
I want to spend Christmas day with the man I love. He is currently at his home village Seronga along the northern edge of the Okavango Delta and I want to pay him a surprise visit. Since the illage is located near the delta, I wish to take mokoro (boat) trips into the Okavango and have fun on Christmas day. I just want us to be at a different place far from town and this will be the right time to plan about our future. I also have a big surprise for him since this is a leap year,  I just have to use this opportunity.”

 Thokgamo Keatimilwe (29) from Serowe
Keatimilwe, who works and resides in Francistown, is looking forward to having a family lunch with her brothers and sisters at their rural home.
“Our mother passed away and I just wish she was here to spend Christmas with us. It used to be interesting with her around, anyway we just have to do the best under the circumstances and I hope we will still enjoy in her absence.”

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  • mongi
    January 6, 2013, 8:38 pm

    “This year has not been the best one for me especial financially, so I would be on cloud nine if I can get a present of cash. Maclean Moyo, (43) from Francistown and qoute


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