A self-styled traditional healer appeared in court last week charged with raping four underage girls, three of whom were only five-years-old.

George Nduse, 54, who has pleaded not guilty to the charges, shook his head seemingly in disbelief as the mothers to the alleged victims took turns testifying last Wednesday.

The three witnesses all blood sisters from Nata alleged that Nduse, who was having an intimate relationship with one of the sisters aged 44, started abusing the youngest victims in 2010.

They said the self-acclaimed traditional healer would at times take the kids to the bush alone on a healing or cleansing exercise.

He would disguise his deeds saying he was cleansing the children of bad luck.

Narrating the events that led to the discovery of the sordid sexual acts on the five-year-old girls in graphic detail, the three women told how they then reported the matter to the police resulting in his arrest in 2011.

Nduse spend the rest of 2011 at Francistown State Prison before he was released on conditional bail in January this year.

Returning to the home of the same sister whose daughter he had been accused of raping, Nduse is then said to have raped the girl’s 13-year-old sister only days after his release from custody.

Relating the events that led to the rape the girl, now 14, testified in court that she had been experiencing extreme pain with her monthly menstrual cycles.

“He volunteered to heal me. Since I was desperate for healing, I agreed to go with him to the bush for the process. It was only the two of us in the bush,” she said.

The girl went on to describe how Nduse ordered her to remove all her clothes and bath.

After the ‘cleansing bath’ she told how he led her to a nearby anthill where he wanted to wrap a thread around her waist. As he was in the process of doing this Nduse allegedly tripped the victim, and when she fell to the ground he raped her.

After the ordeal she managed to escape and run home.

The matter was reported to the police and Nduse was rearrested on 28 January and remanded in custody until his trial last week.

The case continues.


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