Missing: Tapiwa and her child

Missing: Tapiwa and her child

Hubby pleads as wife, child disappear

A Jamataka man in the central district has appealed to members of the public to help him locate his wife and child who disappeared from home in October.

Ranku Moshabi, said he was shocked when he returned from the cattle-post only to find his wife missing together with their 20 months old child.

The woman, Tapiwa Matenge, 44, packed all her belongings and disappeared from the couple’s home without a word.

As police continue searching for Matenge and the baby, rumour has it that that the woman ran away with a Zimbabwean man who used to work at the village.

Some of her friends allegedly told the police that they received a call from the missing woman claiming that she was in Bulawayo and living well with another man but never left her contacts.

Meanwhile, Tati-town police station commander Cyprian Magalila has called upon members of the public to help find the missing woman and her child.

He said they were also hoping that Matenge would communicate with her husband and relatives to at least say they are fine wherever they are.


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