EMBARASEED: Ramadeluka Seretse

EMBARASEED: Ramadeluka Seretse

Minister of Defence, Justice and Security, Ramadeluka Seretse was on Wednesday forced to withdraw a statement where he had claimed that Botswana Congress Party had made it clear that only party members will be employed in the public service should it come into power.

BCP had challenged Seretse to provide proof of the accusation which the minister failed to do.

He had said the statement was made on Btv during an interview with one of the BCP leaders.

He assured parliament that he will go to the Mass Media to request for the tape but after failing to bring it to parliament on Wednesday he was left with no choice but to withdraw the statement.

After mentioning that he will continue to look for his evidence, Speaker of the National Assembly Dr Margret Nasha advised him that it would be wise to withdraw and move on to avoid further embarrassment.

Seretse is the third minister to apologies to the BCP following a statement withdrawal by Minister of Local Government and Rural Development Peter Siele who had said BCP’s President Dumelang Saleshando had claimed that the country’s leadership is illiterate.

Vice President Ponatshego Kedikilwe also once claimed that BCP was initially opposed to the introduction of ARVs and when challenged he immediately withdrew and said it was the Botswana National Front (BNF).

The BNF however never challenged the accusation.

In an interview, Saleshando said it was now clear that some members of the cabinet and the ruling party were bent on tarnishing his party’s image.

“We see a pattern of the ruling BDP ministers resorting to making false statements about the BCP.

We will continue to force them to withdraw until they produce evidence”, he said.

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