NOT AMUSED: Some Of Basarwa who want to move

NOT AMUSED: Some Of Basarwa who want to move

Basarwa staying in areas surrounding Kareng, a settlement in the North West District last week marched into NWDC offices in Maun demanding answers on a pending move to relocate them to Qhorotsha area.

They want to be relocated to the land which is 110km from where they are based now for the sake of their livestock.

The five member team told The Voice that they have been waiting since 1981 after asking to be relocated to Qhorotsha because their animals were dying of hunger in the drought prone area where they are currently residing.

“Our animals are dying because there is nothing to graze on at Kareng and it looks like our plea is falling on deaf ears,” said one of the team members.

The team together with their Councillor Lekopanye Ledimo mentioned that at Qhorotsha there is grazing land and water which was connected by funds from President Ian Khama in order to make relocation quicker.

“Khama gave out P1 million for the construction of a dam and to help with water connection, a thing which was done in 2010 but there has been some delays especially on Tawana Land Board’s side,” said Ledimo.

He said that a total of 600 people leaving in Kareng catchment areas have signed a form as a sign of wishing to relocate.

Contacted for a comment, public relations officer for Tawana Land Board, Molefshwane Mogau said the land board has not made any resolution on the issue.

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