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  1. christos4111 2013/01/30

    To whom it may concern
    All people who have read comments under this user name on the internet are strongly advised not to take such material seriously. Such material had merely been intended to annul what the people who posted it perceived to be nothing but an illusion among some concerned people within the country, the people who posted such comments are not the same people the random comments from that minister had been about, they merely posted such comments to try to nullify what they thought was a longstanding illusion. It was not meant for people outside the country and obviously that was taken out of context. But for security reasons all comments under that name do not represent anybody and did not reflect any real situation, they were just not meant to do so. They have not and could not compromise security or compromise anything on the internet. The people who posted such material would not recognize any role or responsibility for any material they posted on the net and they would not take seriously anything associated with such material and those who read it are strongly advised not to take it seriously, there is no valid justification to do so, as such material came from private ordinary citizens who are not engaged in any form of public business. But in this particular case whatever is it that such people may be looking for its something they simply cannot do. It’s one of those things such people should just let go and forget about, if they hang on to that or if they are left hanging on to that, such people are certain to have illusions because they are dealing with people who have got their own freedom, independence, security as well as their own way of life.
    In anycase what these people seem to be doing is wrong, it can never be justified and should stop it.

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