Q. “Religion will tell you not to wear pants, to cover your head in church services, take off your shoes, but Christianity is practical, it’s doing and receiving what God says in His word, it’s divinity in humanity at this present hour, not a promise or struggle like many think.”

These are the words of the My Star music show presenter.  Keitumetse Ntheledi who has had to brave and endure verbal, social networks bashing from some people who didn’t approve of her presenting skills.

Despite all this, she has stood strong and proved to her doubters that it takes perseverance to be good at what you do.

The My Star television show Presenter, affectionately known as K2lala to viewers of the show, graces our television screens every Sunday evening when the show is on Botswana Television.

KGOMOTSO TSHWENYEGO probed further to know more about this beautiful, intelligent young woman and what keeps her strong.

Q. Who is K2lala?

K2lala, born Keitumetse Ntheledi on the 30th of March, is the only daughter of Paneka Motlogelwa & Maduo Ntheledi.

I have two brothers, Monhadi & Bennett. I come from a large extended family (33 grandchildren) of Baratedi and Motlogelwa of Kootilane ward in Moshupa.

I grew up in mining towns of Selebi Phikwe and Jwaneng.  I love God and very active in ministry of Christ Embassy. I’m an Accountant and My Star Presenter.

I’m also studying towards being a chartered accountant.

I love life, very focused and result orientated, I always want to be the best in all I touch!

Q. Why the name and how are people receiving it?

Being everybody’s favorite in the family I get many names.  K2lala was given to me by one of my cousins, they cut it to 2lala sometimes.

I should think Keitumetse was too long for them.

Mystar supporters and friends love and have accepted this K2lala name, some even shout K2lala when I come on stage.

If God willing, I wanna push this name and turn into a brand, I hope people and youngsters looking up to me will receive what I have to offer with excitement.

Q. What else would you be if you weren’t an accountant/television presenter?

Sales and Marketing.  No one ever sees an Accountant in me.

I love to talk, mix with people and I am very brand loyal so I would make a good sales person.

You can imagine when I see a Mahindra truck or Manase fence put up, I still have good things to say about those brands to this day.

If you got time, I’ll sit you down and tell you about Shantui trucks, parts and forklifts.

Q. How did you handle people’s negativity towards you?

First of all not everybody will like you, so you need to know how to deal with that. I learnt not to dwell on people’s negativity because it wasn’t going to help me in any way.

I learnt that if you let it affect your work, you might seem incompetent, not motivated and boring, you need that confidence and energy to take viewers through the show.

I was also fortunate to have people who have been in the entertainment business around me that supported, encouraged and guided me on what showbizz is all about.

Q. How have you used your celebrity status to your advantage?

I should say I’m a better person, disciplined and self-assertive, esteemed and more loving.  I can no longer do whatever  I want or like before thinking about it.

I’m the face of a brand and whatever I do I cannot be dragging Mystar name in the mud.

No matter how hard I try to be Keitumetse out there, people see K2lala and want only to relate with that name, they love her and want to chat.

Q. Any personal experiences of public attention you want to share with us?

I was touched by very cute twin girls one day at the westgate mall.  I stopped to greet them but little did I know they’re my biggest fans.

Apparently one of them was nicknamed K2lala and the other one my co-presenter, Sethunya.

Because the mum wasn’t sure which one was which, she asked which one was K2lala.

Little K2lala’s name was Laone, the way she raised her hand, truly amazing and inspiring.  Such keeps me going.

Q. What were your dreams as a child?

I have always wanted to be a success in life and that’s the life I lead, upwards and forward only!! I was raised by a supa dupa single mother and my focus was to do well in school so we lead a better life at home.

I did exceptionally well in school and I know what it meant for her.

Q. Share with us your childhood memories

I grew up a bit rough because of my brothers.  We stayed at Morama CJSS in Jwaneng.

We would climb lockers and disturb Home Economics classes in labs, water gardens for students in exchange for money.

The first day my brother taught me how to ride a bike, I rode through a bush of scrubs and hurt my leg.

Prize giving day at day care I scooped almost all presents.

Q. What would be the first thing you would do if today was your last day?

Keitumetse Ntheledi

I would thank the Lord for His life in me and for the opportunity he gave to me to do all I did that’s in line and according to his word.

Then wind up my good fight of faith by winning as many souls as I can into the kingdom of God.

In this way I’ll go knowing they will enjoy the fruits of being a missionary Christian, more than a conqueror with all the fruits of the Holy Spirit and natural and spiritual blessings.

Q. What do you do in your free time?

Free time? Does that exist in my world? Church takes most of my time, Monday through Thursday and Sundays as well.

I used to do Latin American weekends but not anymore. When I do find time, I spend it with my family.

I’m inseparable with Kago, he is a great friend and I learn a lot from him.

Q. Who is Kago?

Hahaha..!  Kago Matambo, my boyfriend

Q. What’s your vision of a perfect society?

A perfect society is one that learns this truth that the word works and is dependable.

It’s a nation that doesn’t waste time preaching sin because it has been dealt with many years back, but one that’s knowledgeable of a high life in Christ and gives light and the much needed hope.

Q. What’s your own definition of happiness?

True happiness is understanding your purpose for living and having a reason to want to wake up every day!  Its knowing who you are and where you’re going.

It’s being fulfilled in all spheres of your life and content about life.

It is spiritual in that when you have it and are convicted by that truth, nobody can take it away from you! Only you define and determine what it is, nobody else.

Q. What’s your most embarrassing moment during the live recordings?

When I forget a contestatnt’s name and or a song they’re going to perform. We work with scripts and sometimes I forget the lines, its so embarrassing, hahaha!

Q. And the most painful?

Seeing contestants being booe’d

Q. There’s so much crying going on in this show, have you cried?

Yes, I have but not in public.  I only shed a tear in my own closet.

Q. What made you cry?

When the show is not good.  I love the spirit of excellence in me to work always!

I cry a little thinking about how better I should have presented or the strategy I should have best used to entertain the audience.

Q. Any best moments during the show?

I love a responsive, excited crowd.   Audience outside Gaborone always so crazy when they come for shows in their area.

I remember Francistown, Maun and Moshupa shows, we had fun together.  They saw K2lala at her best.

Q. What do you say to your fans?

Never give up on what you believe in, your attitude determines your altitude, be nice and let God promote you wherever you set your foot.

Keep watching Mystar and I promise to never let you down.   I love you guys.


Full names: Keitumetse Khumoyame Ntheledi

Date of Birth: 30 March 1988

Marital Status: Single

K2lala in three words: Fun, crazy, talkative

Favorite song: Got many! I’ll pick ‘Feel Love’by Sean Garrett

Favorite Artist: Brandy,Whitney Houston…love them both

Favorite car: ML 350 Merc Benz


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