ON STRIKE: Staff members

ON STRIKE: Staff members

Employees of Engen Tatitown filling station in Francistown downed their tools this week after the management allegedly refused to address them pertaining rumours that the business has been sold to another dealer.

The 14 employees comprising petrol attendants, cashiers, cooks and even some from administration tendered their resignation letters on Monday saying that the management is playing hide and seek with them regarding the company being taken over by new management.

Speaking to The Voice some aggrieved employees revealed that what irked them most was that the management started conducting interviews for new staff while nothing was being said about their future.

They said efforts to meet the owner of the company drew a blank as the man Peter Pontsho refused to have an audience with them.

All they got were threats of losing their jobs by the management which accused them of stealing money from the company.

“We decided to call it quits because there were rumours that our boss wanted to make the whole issue confidential so that he does not pay us our due benefits after selling the company.

Even our immediate supervisor was not cooperating with us until we stopped working and tendered resignation letters,” one of the aggrieved employees said and explained: “While we waited for our money, the boss called the police claiming that we have gone on an illegal job action.”

Contacted for a comment, Pontsho said the matter was being handled by the labour office hence there was not much he could say to the media.

“These people went on an illegal strike and I called the police and the labour people to address them but they still did not listen. As for their benefits they will get them through the labour office because it is the one handling the case now,” Pontsho said.

Regarding allegations that the company would be under a new management as from next year, Pontsho said it was true but said he would still remain a share holder.

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