THIS IS THE THING: Alleged thokolosi

THIS IS THE THING: Alleged thokolosi

‘It was really creepy’
Suspected thokolosi brings horror to filling station staff
Employees of City Way Filling Station in Francistown got the shock of their lives after a suspected thokolosi was mysteriously found at the service station’s retail outlet on Tuesday night. The discovery sent shivers down the spine of staff on duty who described the hairy creature as a cross between a dog and a monkey, with congealed blood on its face and raw flesh exposed on its tiny torso. Although it appeared to have been dead for some time the body was not decomposed nor did it smell like rotting flesh.

“It was really creepy,” said security guard David Boy who serves in the shop and was the first to come across the body. He immediately called the manager to come and look. Upon seeing the bizarre creature manager Emtiaz Arbi called other employees to help him identify the object. It was probably not his best move. Setting eyes upon the ‘thing’ the female staff are said to have screamed at the top of their voices and run off into the night after concluding the creature was as goblin like thokolosi.

By the time The Voice visited the filling station at around 10pm, the employees had reluctantly returned but were still trembling in fear.  “We found this strange animal which some are calling a supernatural creature on the floor of the shop,” said Arbi pointing at the lifeless body that had now been placed in a cardboard box, awaiting disposal.
However efforts to seek help from Gerald Estates Police had not born fruit since they had still to appear on the scene hours after being called.
Arbi continued: “We are all shocked to the core. My employees are afraid now. But I am a brave person and I am doing everything within my ability to restore calm and wipe the fear from their minds,” he said.
Arbi, who is a devout Moslem, said he trusts in God and although he believes in witchcraft was convinced the suspected goblin would neither harm him or his employees nor would it steal his money.
Oratile Setlhare, the cashier at the filling station’s kiosk described the discovery as ‘shocking and frightening.’

“I do not know how we are continuing working under these circumstances. Boloyi bo teng mo Setswana (Witchcraft exists in Setswana culture). It could be someone trying to enrich themselves by stealing money through this mysterious creature,” said a still trembling Setlhare.  Although workers suggested burning the creature it was decided that the best way to dispose of the body was by flushing it down the drain.
When The Voice left the scene, employees were still debating what might happen next.


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  • Carefokon
    December 19, 2012, 10:11 am

    hei waitse ba makone a francistown tlhe le kotsi dis is a live thokolosi e thubegileng mpa, it looks lyk e ne e le preg ao bathong e bolailwe emang and yone ene e le mo mission wa eng, ele ya ga mang, intention ya yone ko fill station lene e le to overcome what? e ne e batla go achieva eng? ke dipotso tse any1 a ka di ipotsang mare is vaar boloi bo teng, a e isiwe e chekwe post mortem re bone gore a ke phologolo or setlhare?

  • oeborupile
    December 19, 2012, 12:04 pm

    hahaha nnyaa ruri post mortem…na ga ke kgone go bona sentle waitse, jaanong ga ena maoto thoks ya teng?

  • keditheo
    December 19, 2012, 1:00 pm

    ke tshogile ebile ke gaupana moriri ke ipotsa gr fa nkabo ke le teng goneng. Ele ruri boloi bo tletse mo lefatsheng le le ka kwano. Ke ipotsa gr ntsa kgotsa tshwene le gone mala a kwa ntle… agaaaah mo ke masalamose a baloi ke bone fela ba ka rarabololang gore ke eng gone mo, re ka lapa ke dipotso tse di ntsi. Kana e ne e tla go tshela fuel le yone hahaaa!

  • thusii
    December 20, 2012, 12:41 pm

    “staff reporter” o sebete blind,this thing se tshosa jaana…mo getto le gone ke problem hela go lwelwa business gothe leka setswana tota,i think employees shud resign mo ke bati hela…

  • boselep
    December 21, 2012, 9:28 pm

    Owaiii!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lea dumela? golo mo ke nt$anyana which one of the staff workers found died in the bush and placed it in the filling station before go chaisiwa to freak people out maphakela. I heard about this story a long time ago


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