CHARITABLE: Fred Mmelesi

Letshego Financial Services has donated over P700, 000 to a variety of charitable organisations in a kind gesture demonstrating its interest in the community in which it operates and draws its employees.
Speaking at the Letshego Annual Donation Dinner,the Vice President Dr. Ponatshego Kedikilwe noted that this act of generosity was highly commendable.
He said that Government was appreciative of efforts by its partners in development to transform the nation into one of shared responsibilities, shared opportunities and indeed a shared sense of community.

“It is against this background that Government will always be greatly indebted to the business enterprises which are increasingly taking the initiative to create new solutions to solving social problems,” said Kedikilwe. “In a nutshell, the donations by Letshego Financial Services, amounting to half a million Pula or 700 000 Pula, will in no small measure leave a lasting impression, not only to the beneficiaries, but the nation at large.”
He added that By end of this year, it is anticipated that Letshego, as a Group of companies would have provided funding amounting to over 2.6 Million Pula under its corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiative, to various projects across 11 countries in Africa, the bulk of which would be spent in Botswana. With a total loan book of 1.5 Billion Pula, the company has become the market leader within the micro lending industry in the country.

In praising the company, Dr. Kedikilwe said “It is gratifying to note that this annual event has transformed the lives of many Batswana through donations to various non-profit making organizations that are working with the less privileged, the disabled, orphans, sickly, depressed and others who may be negatively affected by certain life situations.
As we hand-over these donations, we are conscious of the contributions that the beneficiaries continue to make within the country, and we believe that through support from great friends like Letshego, they will remain resolute and more inspired to provide an invaluable and noble service to the nation.”
Speaking at the event, the CEO Fred Mmelesi highlighted that the donation dinner was an important day in the Letshego calendar as it marks a time when we pause from our routine activities to reflect on reality that whilst all animals are equal, some are more equal than others, and remember the less privileged members in our society.

Acknowledging the unwavering loyalty of the communities that they have been working in for the past 14 years, Mmelesi said to reciprocate this allegiance, Letshego has made a commitment to be part of the community, be sensitive to its morals, values and reach out to the needs and wants of these communities through financial assistance.
He informed guests that Letshego Botswana’s corporate social responsibility guidelines were guided by the group policy on CSR and that when rolling out the CSR plan, the subsidiary further derived guidance from the company’s values, and core to this area are the values of professionalism, integrity, respect, selflessness and customer service.
The CEO highlighted that the criteria used to assess the projects to fund was within of the areas of focus as prescribed by the Group Social Investment Policy which include: Development of Music and Art; HIV/AIDS; Employee Involvement; Welfare and Poverty Alleviation; Children; Education and Sports Development.

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